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If doors to utility rooms are not secure then you stand to lose the items stored there and it is possible that thieves use this as a hiding place to strike at an opportune moment cautions Brighton Locksmith. So it is wise to have good deadbolts on these doors too suggests Brighton Locksmith.


Windows should also not be neglected says Brighton Locksmith as these too can be used as points of entry. If you have a casement window secure it with a window bolt says Brighton Locksmith. There are several locks available for sliding windows says Brighton Locksmith. It is wise to invest in a good quality lock for sliding windows suggests Brighton Locksmith. There are also locks to stop windows from being lifted off their rails and these locks should be put on all rails to prevent intruders from breaking in says Brighton Locksmith. While making the windows secure it must also be kept in mind that these are also used as escape route if there is an emergency situation like a fire says Brighton Locksmith. So specially for bedroom windows says Brighton Locksmith while ensuring good security it should also not hinder quick exit in case of an emergency.