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Brighton Locksmith on how to secure different types of doors and windows.

Door and windows are the main points of unauthorized entry and hence needs to be made adequately secure says Brighton Locksmith. Here are some tips on how to make these entry points more secure as suggested by Brighton Locksmith.
If your home has a front door with a glass window, then intruders will generally break the glass, put their hand inside and turn the lock warns Brighton Locksmith. To protect against such possibilities it is best to use double cylinder deadbolt that cannot be opened by just turning the lock suggests Brighton Locksmith. There are also particular deadbolts with detachable thumb-turn that work in these circumstances says Brighton Locksmith.

If your front door is does not have glass then a high grade deadbolt or a good mortise lock provides adequate protection says Brighton Locksmith. Care should be taken to ensure that the bolts are at least one inch and can withstand picking, jimmying, drilling and other forms of assault suggest Brighton Locksmith.   

It is very important to put a deadbolt on the door that connects the home to the garage, as garages are a favorite point of entry for intruders cautions Brighton Locksmith. The same quality of deadbolt that is used for the front door should also be used here suggests Brighton Locksmith.  

An insecure patio or a garden door is a thief’s favorite point of entry says Brighton Locksmith. Sliding doors should have some protection to ensure that it is not lifted off the rails says Brighton Locksmith. An additional locking system is a must for these doors suggests Brighton Locksmith. Using cheap locks on garden doors that can be easily picked or drilled is not recommended at all says Brighton Locksmith. Multi point locking with good cylinder locks are a must for these doors says Brighton Locksmith.

Doors to the basement or any storage area should be secured with a deadbolt to deter burglars suggests Brighton Locksmith. Intruders usually look around the house to figure out the door with the weakest locking device and enter from there warns Brighton Locksmith.