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The Ultimate Brighton Locksmith Guide to Purchasing the Best Home Security Locks

It is easy to safeguard your residence nowadays; there are so many systems that can keep possible burglars away. Yet, lock quality is the most important thing to consider when moving into a new home or even calling for our expert Brighton locksmith services for a security upgrade.


First thing to consider: lock types


There are many types of locking mechanisms available on the market, but choosing the right one for your entry doors should be a thing that you don't get to decide on your own, but rather with expert help from one of our certified Brighton locksmith specialists.

Basically, you will have to decide between these three: - Single cylinder

- Double cylinder
- Keyless entry


When saying that, we assume that you have been already instructed by your Brighton locksmith consultant to go for a deadbolt type of lock, others are merely not worth mentioning, considering how inventive today's thieves are.


Choose a lock that fits your security needs


As any certified Brighton locksmith will tell you, the choice will also depend on the type of doors you have on your property. But for standard and quite secure heavy wood doors, here are a feq quick facts about the three different types of deadbolt locks:


- Single cylinder locks are ideal for households but are only operated through key. Basically they are most commonly used in residential protection. Sadly, any trustworthy Brighton locksmith will tell you, these are no longer enough today

- Double cylinder deadbolt mechanisms are more secured. They basically involve the operation of a key that can be used both from the inside and the outside of a home. You should ask your Brighton locksmith expert about it, especially if your door involves glass segments on its design.

- Before purchasing a double cylinder in combination with a glass and wood door, consider all the fire security regulations in your area. If you don't know them, ask for a locksmith's advice.

- Considered more secure for various reasons, a keyless entry deadbolt mechanism is basically the newest type of home security you may use. It will of course involve higher security. It involves entering a password that is the only way to open or lock the door.

- If you have multiple person access to your home, ask your Brighton locksmith for a remote operated one.

- This system is also heavily used for house safe installation.


The key to all this security upgrade for your residence is to be able to work with a reliable professional. For all your home safety needs, Merillat Locksmith experts can provide:

- Lock installation and dismantling
- Lock maintenance and repair
- Basic regular or more specialized home security advice
- Assistance with purchasing the right locking mechanisms


Call today for a free security quote on your residence. Merillat Locksmith professionals are here to make sure you and your assets are safe.